It all began....

DreamTeam Artistry, as with many companies, began with the purpose to solve a problem.


Hey there, I'm Lindsay MacConnell, and I am the owner of DreamTeam Artistry. I began my journey as a stage actress and singer which led me into the world of makeup. And for well over a decade I've been doing makeup for film, stage, photography and special events while also continuing to dabble as a performer myself. During that time, I built a network of makeup and hair stylists and became a booking agent in the Tampa Bay Area's beauty industry.  Needless to say, I've spent A LOT of time on set. And A LOT of time talking to production companies, photographers, art directors, ad agencies, and actors about their jobs, needs and wish lists. I've had this wonderful front row seat to the overview of what it means to have a #setlife, because I've lived it! DreamTeam Artistry's goal is to solve the communication gap between your traditional agent, actor, and production company; and to provide the client with a singular invoice at the end of the project for multiple vendors. It's about helping production companies get a better product, with less hassle. And let's be honest, who wouldn't want less hassle in their lives? My background and skillset as an actor and makeup artist, total understanding of the idiosyncrasies of a film set, my education in business and my tireless search for efficiency in every aspect of life made DreamTeam Artistry a no brainer for me. I'm an all hands on deck, how can I help, put me in coach type of person and I believe in the power of the mid-afternoon coffee run. If you're looking for an actor, makeup artist, hair stylist, clothing stylist, singing telegram, stilt walker, dancer, model or any combination of the above- let us build you your next project's DreamTeam.